Ramshackle Krakow

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About The Rally

If you’re a banger rally diehard then Ramshackle Krakow may be just the adventure for you. It's a rally with an attitude and it's easily one of the best routes on the circuit. The days are long, the nights are longer and when you're not behind the wheel or propping up a bar at one of the magnificent venues you'll be catching a little bit of shut eye to recharge your Ramshackle spirit!

It’s a character building adventure endurance test that is all about guts and gusto. There is the usual Ramshackle sized helping of absurdity and bucket loads of camaraderie because this rally takes you over high mountain passes, into secret Austrian beer gardens, through the enchanting Slovakian city of Bratisalva and culminates in an extended vodka adventure in the heart of Krakow's spectacular old town.


Support - are you out of your mind? We could have arranged for support vehicles driven by master mechanics to follow behind with supplies, spares, caskets and the like, but we haven't. What fun would that be?

Teams taking part in this event are un-supported. That means the responsibility of looking after yourself falls strictly onto your own shoulders.

Don't worry, you'll be fine. Remember this is supposed to be a character building experience and breaking down in the foothills of the Tatry mountains when you're 50 miles from anything, it's getting dark and nobody speaks English is quality entertainment!


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